I am very happy with my rosary, the schiller effect is lovely within the labradorite stones. Very beautiful! Thank you so much.
Avril, Dublin, Ireland

I received my order (penal rosary: sterling silver with dumortierite) today. I am very happy with it. Thank you. A christening gift for my nephew.
Annette, Meath, Ireland

Knock Golden Rose rosary as 80th birthday gift: Thank you so much! You cannot imagine how delighted I am! It all looks absolutely fabulous and I know that my Auntie in Scotland will be absolutely delighted with everything. I thank you so much for the card also... That was so unexpected but so lovely! ... My Auntie got her rosary on Tuesday afternoon. She is totally delighted with them. Loved the colours and absolutely everything about them. Thank you so very much for all your hard work and absolutely fabulous customer service!
Roisin, Australia

Two specially commissioned Connemara Marble rosaries for returning customer: I am so happy with them. Actually, I am happier, especially because this time I have my own special rosary beads!! I am still fascinated that something  so substantial can feel so light and unobtrusive....also the leather purse is so soft & very comforting to touch.
Mary, Galway, Ireland

Child Rosary Bracelet: It is stunning, Mary, my child actually had tears in her eyes, thanks, we will have it for ever.
Dara, Dublin, Ireland

Your creations are magnificent, J. and V. are overjoyed with your beautiful Rosaries, they truly appreciate all the work you put into them, they said they will treasure them… I will spread the word of your amazing talent, it will be my pleasure.
Maria, Dublin (specially commissioned for wedding of J. and V.)

As always, the Connemara Penal Rosary exceeded all my expectations. Thank you for your wonderful work!
Nick, USA

I picked up the rosary beads in the Post Office this morning. They are absolutely lovely. I like the spacing between the decades. God bless the handiwork you are doing. The quality of your rosary beads is exceptional and the fact that they are handmade makes them so special to me. I love them!
Joan G., USA

The two sets of beads are absolutely fabulous, thank you... Everything about them is exquisite - workmanship, the beads, beautiful purse & presentation- but most of all, I love how they feel, so light yet all there!! I can't wait to pass them on & then I'll be treating myself!
Mary O., Galway, Ireland 

I love the history of the (Penal) rosary. I carry it in my pocket constantly, and, whether or not it is psychological, I've found the deepest sleep when it's under my pillow. Thank you for creating it.
Peter B., Ontario, Canada 

Thank you for the 'Paidrin Beag' rosary. The design, from the hand made links, to the Penal Cross, and the packaging are really special. Connemara marble is lucky to have people like you that elevate its true beauty and value.
Kevin J., Galway, Ireland

I just came home to your wonderful creation! The custom Penal Rosary you created for me in silver with the 12mm Bethlehem olive wood beads and silver end caps is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for your time and thoughtfulness in creating this. I love it!
Nick, USA (special commission)

Mary, you created the most beautiful rosary beads. I carry mine as a talisman and am heart connected to it. Thank you for your knowingness and talent!
Dianne S., California, US

I asked Mary to create something special for my grandmother's 95th birthday and we decided on a 'bespoke' Rosary. Dealing with Mary from start to finish on this project was fun, more importantly is the fact that her level of professionalism exceeded my expectations. My grandmother was thrilled with her gift and commented on how wonderful the presentation of the gift was including the remarkable Rosary inside Mary's unique packaging. Simply Beautiful! Thanks Mary.
Francesca D., Toronto, Canada

Your beautiful penal rosary has just been delivered by the postman. I love it! Thanks for your extra effort to make it to my taste. Unexpected I discovered the little surprise pouch. Thanks!
Charlotte D., Waterford, Ireland

I just had to write and thank you for making the Penal Rosary which I have just received as a birthday present from two dear friends who recently visited you. How beautifully made it is and so tactile that I am sure I will say the rosary more often as I can hardly put it down! In fact it is in my hand as I write this letter. I had no idea that the persecution in the 17th and 18th centuries was so severe - please accept a genuine apology from an Englishman on behalf of my country. I am sure that anyone who is lucky enough to have one of your rosaries will treasure it - thank you again.
John G., Somerset, England

Mary, thank you very much. I wear both the rosary and the rosary bracelet every day and get a positive vibe and feel closer to my dogs, your work has brought me a great deal of comfort… I can’t thank you enough and cannot put into words how happy I am.
Simon T., UK (rosaries incorporated two beads reminiscent of his deceased and his absent dogs)